Super-antioxidant and detoxitying renegeration protective gel with Roiboos

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Antioxidant reparative care concentrated in Rooibos to enhance your face thanks to its reparative and protective action, providing a healthy glow effect. Rooibos’ anti-free radical power prevents and corrects the harmful effects of aging and the environment on the skin.

Recover the radiance of your childhood starting today. What is fresher, healthier, or more luminous than a baby’s complexion? FLASH REPAIR allows your skin to recapture its original beauty and radiance. We know today that one of the main causes of premature cutaneous aging is oxidation caused by free radicals and the environment. In fact, as soon as epidermal cells come in contact with air pollution, tobacco smoke or UV rays, they oxidize and are no longer capable of protecting and repairing themselves. Veld’s has responded with FLASH REPAIR, the first skincare product with Rooibos – containing the extremely powerful antioxidant aspalathin.




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