Perris Skin Fitness Lift Anti Aging Peeling Soft


Daily use peeling with lifting effect for dry and sensitive skin

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The “Lift Anti-aging scrub Soft” from Perris Swiss Laboratory was developed specifically for dry and sensitive skin and can therefore be used every day. The skin becomes firmer, smoothed and more even with a finer overall appearance. At the same time the threat of skin atony is prevented.

• Rosa Canina Seed Powder
• Tocotrienol Microemulsion
• Shea butter
• Meadowfoam oil
• Milrose Fragrance

Application: Use daily in order to achieve optimal results. Apply 1 cm of the peel to damp skin on the face and neck. It can also be used to improve the lip contour, and on the eyes. Massage gently for 1-2 minutes and then rinse off with water. For best results the scrub should be used daily. Avoid contact with eyes. Dermatologically tested.

The Advantages of Skin Fitness Products:
• 0% skin-damaging ingredients
• At least 95% natural ingredients
• Clinically proven effect and product safety
• Dermatologist tested
• Ophthalmologist tested*
• Hypoallergenic products
• Latest technologies and ingredients
• Pharmaceutical methods of drug manufacture
• Research, Development, Production – Made in Switzerland
• Unique peeling Collection
• Small product line, combined with all competitors


Perris Swiss Laboratory

SWISS TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION HAS ALWAYS BEEN MADE WITHIN THE CONNECTION BETWEEN SCIENCE AND MARKETING. AND BY LISTENING TO CONSUMERS, WE CAN FIND A TRUE SOURCE OF INSPIRATION TO OPEN NEW FIELDS OF EXPLORATION. We’ve used two advanced technologies to ensure total effectiveness of the active ingredients in Skin Fitness products, and to reach a level of performance our customers can rely on. These technologies are: Ultra fine emulsion Intensive tailor-made liposome One technology is used depending on the active affinity. An ultra fine emulsion has a tiny particle size. Because it’s so fine, it has a much stronger ability to work within the skin and brings the active agent closest to its target. The Intensive tailor-made liposome is a tiny vesicle made of phospholipids bilayer. With a structure that is analogous to those found in the skin, liposome has proved to be an ideal vector for carrying active ingredients where they’re most needed. The use of these two advanced technologies in a cosmetic product provides many benefits: Better skin affinity: smaller size and similar structure to the skin Improve active’s protection, especially for sensitive active, and ensure them to be effective throughout the product’s shelf life Enhance their action within the skin’s surface Improve long lasting release of active Safe technology: non-toxic and non-irritant for skin This innovative technology was developed by MICRO-SPHERE S.A. – founded in Switzerland in 1998. MICRO-SPHERE has a strong expertise in encapsulation technologies of active ingredients for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic applications.


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