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The birthplace of perfumery and the production of excellent raw materials, Grasse welcomes us all in an embrace of beautiful flowers and timeless aromas. The Maître Gantiers produced gloves, fans and other perfumed accessories for royal courts throughout Renaissance Europe, and even today Grasse is considered the hub of what it is in all respects The Perfumery, so much so that in 2018 UNESCO distinguished itself by the title of Intellectual Property of Humanity for the knowledge developed in the cultivation of perfume plants and flowers, for the extraction of natural raw materials and for the art of composing perfumes.
The undisputed protagonist of this project is Jean-Claude Ellena, an internationally renowned nose born and raised artistically in Grasse.
Gian Luca Perris, creative director and founder of Perris Monte Carlo, continues his successful collaboration with Maitre Ellena and entrusts him with the task of translating the magnificence of this place and the noble art of perfumery into intoxicating agreements.
“Jean Claude calls himself ‘écrivain des odeurs’, I love to call him The Perfume Poet and it was an honour and a privilege for me to be able to start and continue collaborating with him on this project” cit. Gian Luca Perris
After Jasmin de Pays and Rose de Mai, the sensory journey of Perris Monte Carlo continues through two other symbols of Grasse, lavender and mimosa, which are translated into signature perfumes: Lavande Romaine and Mimosa Tanneron.
“(…) fine lavender is grown only higher up, at the foot of the Lure mountain, lavender is the soul of Haute Provence. At harvest time, the evenings are fragrant, the colors of the sunset are full of cut flowers, the rudimentary stills installed near the cisterns light red flames at night “.
Lavender is so closely linked to Provence that sometimes even the farmers do not know that it was introduced during the Roman invasions that gave the region the name of Roman Province, from which it derives its present name.
As a perfume composer, I love the harshness of these landscapes and the beauty of the lavender fields, where flocks of blue butterflies circulate in the air. To translate this scenery, I created Lavande Romaine, a joyful perfume that dances and sings the scents of summer.
Jean-Claude Ellena

Fine lavender
Blue cedar
White musk


Perris Monte Carlo

The Perris Monte Carlo Collection was born to intrigue you by its diverse and exquisite breadth of fragrances created by using the most noble of raw materials. The result of such passion has inspired the following ultimate, elaborate five blends; each of them exclusive, prestigious and elegant in their own rite. In every culture gold represents power, wealth, luxury, success, durability... Gold is the color of prestige and it is even a reference in terms of quality (jewelry). Gold is everywhere : home design, clothing, accessories, fashion, perfumery... Gold notes are always linked to prestige and sophistication. To emphasize the quality and the uniqueness of the ingredients, Perris Monte Carlo decided to develop a refined packaging made with golden nuances. All dressed in gold, Perris Monte Carlo exclusive line appears elegant, prestigious, very selective, as well as contemporary.


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