Peccato Originale Eros EDP 100vapo


Incorpora una antigua formulación utilizada para combatir la sífilis

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Based on an ancient formulation used to cure Syphilis, an extremely common disease in the last century
that has made a comeback in the past decade. The recipe used Gur Jum Balsam and Guajaco.
Sensuous and passionate, Eros combines the scent of Red Rose with the freshness of Moss.
Just a few seconds and the Oud head and heart start exerting their intensive and deep effect.

Olfactory notes
Oud, Gur Jum Balsam, Moss, Red Rose And Amber


Peccato Originale

Peccato Originale ("Original Sin") is a line of perfumes founded by chemist Silvia Monti. Inspired by her work as a chemist and the customers she encountered every day, the Peccato Originale line covers a path bordering what might be called the "world of smells" and the proper "world of perfumes." This olfactory groove is shared in large part with the scents of galenical [medicines prepared according to the formulae of ancient Roman physician Galen, or containing one or more organic ingredients as opposed to pure chemical substances] preparations. All fragrances in the line are intended for both men and women.


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