Parfums M Micallef GAIAC EDP 100vapo


GAIAC, which the center of the bottle is decorated with a piece of carved gaiac wood, is part of the Exclusif collection.

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GAIAC offers a sophisticated fragrance: Introduced by fresh notes of bergamot, wood guaiac is sweetened by jasmine and vanilla, spiced with nutmeg and vetiver adds a natural touch, evoking the undergrowth.


Parfums M Micallef

M. Micallef was introduced by Martine Micallef and Geoffrey Nejman in Grasse in 1997. Martine Micallef is an artist and designer who also runs a beauty institute in Cannes. Micallef perfumes can consist of up to 200 different ingredients which, in months of precision work, are artistically coordinated to make a new unique fragrance. In addition, Micallef’s perfumes contain a maximum of natural constituents which, in time of synthetic fragrance manufacture, is becoming increasingly rare.


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