Montale Boisé Fruité EDP 100 vapo


Montale Boisé Fruité EDP 100 vapo

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The green and wioody heart of Violet leaves unites the fruity coolness of the Bergamot from Italy, the Mandarin tree leaves and the Lime on the brown depth the Vetiver roots from Indonesia and the Sandalwood from Mysore.



The perfume house of Parfums Montale was founded by Pierre Montale in 2003 in Paris. Pierre Montale spent some time in Saudi Arabia prior to that, where he created perfumes for nobility, kings and queens. When he returned to Paris, the perfumer introduced his amazing oriental creations to the Western world. The mysterious East, Arabia and the perfumer's love for them can be found in each bottle of the Montale collection. Montale creates his fragrances from natural materials of high-quality, in large concentration, which makes the fragrances very intense and long-lasting. The aluminum bottle was specially created to protect the precious essences from light.


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