Keiko Mercheri Bespoke Tangeri EDP 50 vapo


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For the impeccably dressed gentleman, or the man who has so much style that everything he’s wearing looks impeccable, no matter what the occasion. Fresh and sophisticated and well ironed. Image of a busy nightclub in an exotic port city, it’s incredibly hot and everyone is hot and filthy and full of smoke and dust and a man walks around in a cool white suit, smelling of fresh forest air and soft suede. He is completely undisturbed by the noise and chaos and the fact that he is being chased by thugs and takes a moment to buy a beautiful lady a cocktail before making his escape. That’s the man who was going to run Tangeri.


Keiko Mercheri Bespoke

Keiko Mecheri is an American niche perfume house founded in California by Keiko and Kamel Mecheri. Originally operating under the name Bazaar des Senteurs Keiko was born in Atami, Japan—an area often referred to as the "Japanese Riviera" for its pleasant climate and beautiful natural scenery. She is an artist and pianist by training. Her studies in the arts at UCLA and in Europe eventually led her down the path of perfumery.


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