Hasu-no-Hana EDP 100ml


La esencia del loto japonés

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A bright, radiant Floral composition with pronounced Chypré and Oriental facets on a woody, dry, very sensual base.
Originally created in 1888 this scent has a timeless quality which comes from its pioneering spirit. Created right at the dawn of modern creative perfumery it is one of the scents that paved the way for modern fragrances.



Grossmith is one of the eldest English perfume house, originally established in 1835. It has been reopened by the great-grandson of the founder, Simon Brooke and his wife Amanda Brooke. The Grossmith story is still developing today thanks to the Brooke family’s continuing meticulous, detailed research. Simon Brooke, the great great grandson of the founder, John Grossmith, knew nothing of the Grossmith story – his family had never spoken of it. His interest in genealogy led him to discover he was descended from an old English farming family who founded the perfume house in the first half of the 19th century Further research revealed the establishment of the perfume house, its roots as a grower and supplier of perfumery oils and its significant royal connections and, most fortuitously, enabled us to trace a cousin with two of the formula books. The discovery in 2006 of the dormant house with its astonishing heritage, original formulae, Baccarat flacons and strong royal associations made a revival irresistible. In order to achieve this, the Brooke family assembled a team of designers and suppliers from among the best in their fields. The family and their team of experts have restored Grossmith to its rightful place as a prominent classic English perfume house that once again is producing the finest perfume in the world.


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