Berdoues Violette Gran Cru Milessime EDP 100 vapo


Violeta es un homenaje a la Maison Berdoues

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A powdery and modern perfume.

The millesime Violette is a vibrant homage to the history of the Maison Berdoues.

This raw material that is both delicate and fragile has been inspiring our perfumers since 1902.

The fragrance is a bold, modern expression of the leaf of the French violet, magnified by blending Iris from China with Patchouli from Indonesia.


When the French violet leaf is used as a raw material in fine perfumery it adds a green earthy note to the fragrance.

Once the fields have been mown, the stalks and leaves are gathered and then distilled to obtain the precious absolute.

Patchouli is a woody, earthy and camphorous raw material extracted from the dried leaves by steam distillation. It is mainly grown and distilled in Indonesia.

Iris absolute is one of the most precious perfumery making materials. It is obtained from the rhizomes, the fleshy underground stem. Iris is a rare material that adds a powdery, woody note to the fragrance.


In the heart of the Grands Crus Collections, our perfumers draw their inspiration from rare and precious ingredients, rigorously selected to create Millésimes Collection.

The artistic interpretation of the fragrance revealed on a glass bottle adorned with white porcelain, and decorated with a brush stroke like a twist of contemporary art.

The black silk shrouded perfume puffer elegantly spins out the ritual.

Eau de parfum 100ml – Concentration 20%


Berdoues Gran Crus

The house of Parfums Berdoues is a member of Groupe Berdoues specialized in fine fragrances and cosmetics. It was founded back in 1902 by Guillaume Berdoues in Toulouse, France. The tradition of the house has stretched over 4 generations of the family. Thanks to long tradition joined with modern approach and new technologies, the house has managed to provide, create and distribute something very unique to their customers. They have processed all steps of production and distribution to the finest details. One characteristic of Berdoues is that the house has its own perfumers who work on development of fragrant compositions. Special attention is paid to Research and development department, where a whole team of experts works on active principles, ingredients and formulation of products


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