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Vetiver receives the velvet treatment – silent and dusty, covered with a soft, sprinkled with a subtle licorice-like sweetness, which highlights the deep underbelly of richness and earth. Like a visit to a haunted house carved from a tree root, hidden under a tangle of branches and plum velvet curtains. A sip of absinthe in a jeweled cup, a delicious morsel of unidentifiable flavor from somewhere far away, the green of the forest getting darker and darker. Mysterious and seductive. This unexpectedly comforting assumption vetiver has a wild and magical heart of dark earth and strong green, because even in most of its soft, vetiver can never be completely tamed. Deliciously fluid and delicate, this is a most unusual vetiver perfume.


Keiko Mercheri Bespoke

Keiko Mecheri is an American niche perfume house founded in California by Keiko and Kamel Mecheri. Originally operating under the name Bazaar des Senteurs Keiko was born in Atami, Japan—an area often referred to as the "Japanese Riviera" for its pleasant climate and beautiful natural scenery. She is an artist and pianist by training. Her studies in the arts at UCLA and in Europe eventually led her down the path of perfumery.


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