Niche perfumery

Niche Perfumes

In xazzperfumeria you will find a great selection of niche perfumes and artisan perfumery.

Niche perfumery differs from the commercial world by using optimal and natural raw materials, because commercial perfumery today uses many times synthetic oils.

Behind a Niche perfume there is always a person, it is a work of art, handmade, very limited production, sometimes even numbered and most importantly the fragrance has a clear evolution on the skin.

With advertising campaigns, commercial brands create the false illusion that perfume turns us into beautiful women and successful muscular males.

Actually the perfume does not change you, YOU change the perfume!

And you will notice that each day, depending on your mood, the fragrance smells a little different.

Enjoy a personal perfume, be unique!

Take care of your skin with quality skincare products

El órgano más importante de tu cuerpo es tu piel. Dedica tiempo diariamente cuidarla. Te ayudamos a seleccionar productos adecuados a tu tipo de piel, edad, posibles problemas cutáneos (acné, flacidez, …) Consúltanos antes de comprar y te ayudamos en la selección del producto.

Pure Passion

I fulfilled my dream of opening a perfume shop in 1994. Since then I have studied, traveled the world and learned about the wonderful world of perfumery.

Twenty years ago I got to know the niche perfumery and fell completely in love with it. In my shop in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Canary Islands, I have created a pleasant atmosphere around good service, quality products and many stories to tell.

I truly feel that I am lucky to work surrounded by very passionate people, creators of true artistic jewels of perfumery and high technology in cosmetics.
I hope that you too will be part of this wonderful world of passion!

A big hug,

Juha Erik Turunen

Lifeplus: nutrición celular y cosmética natural

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Lifeplus: nutrición celular y cosmética natural, blablabla
belleza y nutrición deportiva

Vintage: authentic objects of desire.

Among the connoisseurs of niche perfumery, vintage products are among the most desired products.

Find them in xazzperfumeria.

Shipments during Covid-19

At the moment we cannot guarantee the delivery time since the transport does not work normally. The store is in Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife, Canary Islands and we do everything possible so that your purchase arrives as soon as possible, but we ask for patience …

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Pleasant shopping

As in xazzperfumeria in Puerto de la Cruz, we hope your shopping experience will be a pleasant one at the online store.

Unique products

In xazzperfumeria you will find unique brands, great selection of fragrances and cosmetics.

Doubts or questions

Before buying, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.