Label Fine Perfumes

Label was born as a company in 2011 in an artisanal family-run workshop set in a tiny village and nestled among the hills of central Italy. The production house of the brand now resides on the island of Tenerife, one of Canary Islands archipelago, surrounded by majestic natural beauty. Here, the perfumes are formulated, produced and packaged after painstaking research. Angela Ciampagna, the Nose, and Enrico Maraffino, the Production Manager, are partners in life and at work. Together they are the founders of the Label universe.

Artisanal craftsmanship with a modern vibe.

The collection of perfumes by Label is a gallery of lively fragrances. The collection will appeal to those who appreciate rare raw materials and who desire the unique opportunity to personalize their own experience by combining fragrances from the collection. Choose your own singular perfume or select more than one to be layered. Layering is a way for you to become part of the final scent: overlap two or more fragrances and balance them according to what feeling you would like to be predominant on your skin. Change the mixture daily, to vary the experience, or keep it the same to develop your own signature scent.

Create your unique style

The 2020 Label Collection is made of nine different fragrances. Select your own singular scent or combine several to show off your unique style. The perfumes have been carefully formulated using skill and experience to guarantee stunning layering effects. There is no right or wrong way to layer our scents – just you expressing your personality in your own way.

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